Monday, November 11, 2013

"Every Idea is wacky until it works."

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Over 10 months have passed since the completion of the Iowa Awake My Sole journey.


It was mid October, newly wed and in Webster City Iowa, as I prepared for the day, I wrestled with this question:

"What are the next steps for Awake My Sole?"

Ideas flooded my brain, but one popped in that has continued to root.


In speaking across Iowa, a frequently asked question, "What state are you going to run and speak across next?"

Often I would respond, "Maybe my home state of Colorado or Rhode Island."  The second answer often produced some chuckles from people who knew their states.

All along I knew I wasn't going to be running across any additional states after completing Iowa, or at least not as highly invested.

You see, the Iowa journey was a yearlong "away from home" commitment.  It was risky and fun.  I met new people and host families.  The speaking and running schedule was exhausting.  It wasn't the most conducive for a newly wed who actually enjoys the ideology of "laying roots" and investing long term into a community.  I was only investing in communities for a week at a time.  It was very rewarding, especially when kids and elderly alike shared how much they enjoyed what I shared about.


So, since I don't foresee any yearlong running adventures across others states, you might ask yourself, "Then what is in the works?  What idea popped into his brain while in Webster City?"

The answer, "Mentoring."

Making a committed investment into younger people.


Awake My Sole is evolving... from an inspiring journey across Iowa to a program combining running and mentoring.

I don't have the nuts and bolts down, or the planning and preparation in place, but I do have a wacky and crazy idea.

I never thought I would spend a year running across Iowa, but I did, and so I'm excited to see what lies ahead.

"One step at a time."

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  1. I am excited for you. I know your mentoring skills are amazing. I have witnessed you share and am proud. I wish you love, passion towards running and blessings in all you pursue and I wish blessings on all those you touch with your mentoring.